Wavecore compilation #6 is out now!

Anywave is very thrilled to announce the release (on Nov. 29.) of the sixth and final volume of Wavecore, our series of compilations started in 2013.

The idea of giving a suite to Wavecore 5 has been driven by a fantasy: mixing deviant efficient pop-tuned songs with sick homemade music and abstract/visual electronics, with no duration restraint in order to leave the musicians as free as possible.
Hence, Wavecore 6 comes not only with 1, but 2 Cds including 28 tracks by artists from 15 countries (Albania, Australia, Canada, Croatia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA).

Both dics are linked by the same tensed atmosphere, though with different approaches: while disc 1 is a collection of post-punk and bedroom electronic items, disc 2 travels upon a broad stream of both blissful ethereal and dark instrumental tracks.


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