Anywave is also a production and post-production studio.

Anywave Prod & Post-prod

Anywave is also a production studio. We began in 2012 to do mixing and postproduction and we intend to go on for long.

If you’re interested in a collaboration (rate list on demand), please get in touch with us:

Here are the works we’ve done (click on the tracks to listen):





Déficit Budgétaire – Sanction (Gonzaï Records) : mixing, post-production, mastering

Crimson Muddle – La Rousalka (Manic Depression Records): Postproduction, mastering

H ø R D – EP2 (Stellar Kinematics / Anywave / Ol’ Dirty Dancin’) :  Postproduction, mastering (upcoming)

Strasbourg – Fruit de La Passion (le Turc Mécanique): Postproduction, mastering

Cheyenne – EP : Mixing, postproduction, mastering (upcoming)



Hawaii94 – Nightvision EP (Stellar Kinematics) : post-production, mastering

Strasbourg – Sexe et Violence (Le Turc Mécanique) : postproduction, mastering

future – Stay Behind EP (Anywave) : mixing, post-production, mastering

Mathématique – Feel (Stellar Kinematics) : post-production, mastering

People of Nothing – LP (Anywave / Manic Depression) : mixing, post-production, mastering

Plurabelle – Phantom Pyramid (Stellar Kinematics) : post-production, mastering

Schonwald – Rays (Anywave) : post-production

Schonwald – Dream For The Fall (Anywave / Manic Depression) : post-production

Harshlove – Acid France / Azy (Le Turc Mécanique / OlDirtyDancin) : post-production, mastering

Tropical Horses & Princesse (autoprod) : post-production, mastering



Avgvst – Heat of the Moment ep (Le Turc Mécanique) : mixing, mastering

Maria False – Death/Mary 7″  (Le Turc Mécanique) : postproduction, mastering

V/A – Wavecore 1 (Anywave) : mastering on The Average by Six, Hili Enda & Schonwald’s tracks

Montebourg – Miskolc 79 (on v/a Wavecore, Anywave) : mixing, mastering

The David – And After She Died (on v/a Wavecore, Anywave) : mixing, mastering

Avgvst – Shareware (Anywave) : recording, mixing, mastering

Venera4 – Deaf Hearts E.P. (Requiem pour un Twister) : postproduction, mastering

Punks Are Fags – Laizen Cach 7″ (Le Turc Mécanique) : recording, mixing, mastering

People of Nothing – A Break to Cry ep (Anywave) : mixing and post-production

V/A – Capsule 2013 (Stellar Kinematics / Mamama) : post-production, mastering

V/A – Wavecore 2 (Anywave) : mastering

Tropical Horses – We Don’t Stand on the Beach EP (autoprod) : post-production, mastering



Avgvst – Onlooker (Anywave) : recording, mixing, pre-mastering


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