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Wavecore is the first Anywave’s collective issue, gathering 18 artists and bands from 7 countries.

A limited series of 100 copies cd-r / silk-screen printed is available at:

Balades Sonores, Paris 09
Born Bad, Paris 11
Souffle Continu, Paris 11

and by mail-order on Bandcamp.



Tropical Horses - Stadium
Gást - Engraving
Luminance - Les Loups
Erwin Flynn - SHE
The DAVID - And After She Died (Ink Shower mix)
Echö - Fleur Fatale extended*
Montebourg - Miskolc 79 (Post California mix)
PanSTARRS - Own Prisons
The Average by Six - platform #2
Hili Enda - Deep Throat
schonwald - plastic
People of Nothing - Hold
Brune - Treadmill
Seahorse Hunter - Disappear
Lifeless Past - No Time
Avgvst - Calm (Feat. Nicole Köhl)**
Selenian - Sneakers
Mynationshit - Desert B***

*(from "Daydream", courtesy of Romance Moderne, 2012)
**(from "Heat of the Moment - Cheap Recording #5, courtesy of Le Turc Mécanique)
***(from "Struck Down by Faith", courtesy of General Hate Records, 2013)

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