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Avgvst is an independent postwave band based in Paris. After two digital releases in the past years, instrumental post-rock oriented, Avgvst gets back to his primary influences: post-punk and shoegazing, with obsidious cloudy waves, guitars full of chorus and flanger, and ghostly treated voices singing odes to Socialism saints, cowardice and the pain of still being 18 and alone.

Their 2012 album, « Onlooker », and their last digital EP (« Heat of the Moment » on Le Turc Mécanique, in the Cheap Recording series) mixes dream-pop, arp synths and dancey beats, designing a manner of stadium music in 10m² – the size of Avgvst’s studio.

Avgvst has just announced the start of the production of their forthcoming album. One of its tracks features on TSM004, a compilation including 27 artists such as Xiu, Opale, Promise, Schonwald, Sololust, FEMALE … on the excellent Barcelona based label / webzine The Scrap Mag.





Beth Brown (of Brune) is a visual artist, composer, and experimental phonographer practicing in Baltimore, MD.





Echö is formed at the end of 2011, by Mickaël Valli, the french lyricist and singer, and Alexandre Portils Torner, the catalan composer. Michaël had been invited to this artist residency in Barcelona to work on photography. That’s how he met Alexandre through a friend and they started  playing together.  Daydream is the first Ep released by Romance Moderne in January 2012. The eponym track Daydream had been part of the Objet Sonore compilation by Le Bonbon Nuit magazine (2013). Fleur Fatale (extended) is now on Wavecore and their second Ep “Intangible Pupa” is about to be release this summer via Romance Moderne.




Erwin Flynn





Gast is an electronic musician from Cairo, Egypt involved into ambient and IDM.

His songs are meant to be listened to on headphones, with a few exceptions.



Hili Enda

Hili Enda is a french pianist, who likes trip hop rhythms, warm melodies, and pure rock’n roll.
Offering glamourous and dark music is her goal.

Mixing drum machines, real looped instruments, and her cold voice, is her way.

No excessive light, no big anthems.
Play & pray, people, is exactly the same.



Lifeless Past

Lifeless Past is a gloomy rockband that is founded in the city of the Hague (NL). The band was started in the winter of 2012 by Satori who is also active in several bands in Holland such as Pattern Cutoff and Frankenberries. After having met Eline at a show in The Hague they got together for a jam session and that’s when Lifeless Past began to form it self.
Now they are rapidly gaining recognition with their music that combines elements of new wave, postpunk and deathrock.





Echoing drums in the distance , vaporous winds bearing the Old Voices , here to guide us through the coldness of the city , towards the ancestral light .





Montebourg is the Minister for Productivity Renewal in France, but it’s also the Krautronic project of a young man from Paris. The music is like a dreamed factory, that closes the lights of soul with repeated hard task. Here are continuos of bass, abstract hostile leads, in a very french style, like the son (already?) of Turzi or Jaumet, but with a very punk touch. 4 days after this W A V E C O R E, Le Turc Mecanique (parisian record label) will release his 7′ single Singapore Express/Reindustrialisation with a strange metal packaging.





Mynationshit emerges as a musical project in 2007. It consists of one component to develop his musical interests through the use of synthesizers and drum machines. Mynationshit produces an electronic sound that manages to recreate the dark environments with highly emotive melodies.

After his first homounymous album ,Mynationshit presents for the first time on vinyl, six tracks influenced by electronics primitive german electro from Düsseldorf, the dark 80’s post punk and electronic new sounds.

Mynationshit develops musically creating deep and emotive soundscapes using synthesizer like Mopho David Smith,Acces Virus TI, Electro Harmonix Vocoder V-256 and drummachines like Korg ER-1 and Roland TR-808.

Once more Mynationshit digs into the background of human misery . Leaving aside simplistic views, dogmas and straight thoughts this introspective work talks about the pursuit of honesty,against materialism and arrogance of the post-modern man.It´s a dark work but it´s full of stoicism and vitalism necessary for the time we are living.

Also this work has a mastering by the german genius Seabastian Hübert aka Hyboyd.





PanSTARRS is the bedroom music project of Egyptian musician Youssef Abouzeid.

PanSTARRS began off the incompetence of putting the why of reality into words, every word is a pale imitation, a mere ripple in the vast ocean of being. The aesthetics of PanSTARRS offered much freedom and allowance, that merely existed in nowhere. On a cold Tuesday night, when no one was there but not, where a conscious instinct of suppressed emotions was in need to find the river of nothingness, the notion of creating art for the sake of art, for the sake of existing in a parallel, untouched natural world was on the verge of natural selection. The thought of putting this parallel universe in a dominant position opposed to the grayness of reality was compelling, it was never doable… it never was and it never needed to be, for nothing parallel ever was. Sad is beautiful for it understands*. Tomato is ugly for it is red*. In a parallel, untouched world, the latter and the former are identical. The contradictory paradox of consciousness is making a lot of sense now that everything is equal to nothing. It sounds how it sounds. Everything is written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself.




People of Nothing

Founded in 2008, People of Nothing was the vision of French composer, singer and guitarist Florian Chombart. Joined by Nicolas Subréchicot (bass), Nikolas Bikialo (drums), et Roger Chut (keyboards), the band holds his new wave to the Parisian bars.

They spent the following years working on their live set, resulting in a trip to New York to play at the Delancey and the Trash Bar.  The group were well received by the music media and encouraged by a loyal following, they began work on their debut album. This collection of 11 songs feels at once visceral, urgent and raw, touching on subjects of love, loss and frustration, will be released onAnywave in 2013.





Don’t let the Germanic name fool you, the first Italian band signed to HoZac and one we’ve been excited to unleash for months, Schonwald emerge here on their US debut single slithering with unsettling vibes right from the start. This two-piece unit has been surreptitiously dwelling in the shadowy corners of the European underworld for a few years now, releasing their debut LP in 2009 on a special Vinyl edition including CD on Pocket Heaven Records (Lux)

and performing at festivals with the likes of UK Decay, and other similar bands, Schonwald are now encroaching on world submission with the unleashing of their long-anticipated “Mercurial” single. A chilling and hopelessly bleak drum-machine rhythm sets the tone, parting the waves of rippling darkness into a massive surge of inescapable, hushed-yet-crushing electronic melancholia.  European post punk at it’s finest, Alessandra and Luca of Schonwald create a pulsing, black-lit atmospheric electronic vibration so cold, hypnotic, and simple, it’s perfect for our endlessly frozen world.




Seahorse Hunter

Seahorse Hunter was created in a bedroom but it could come from the two oceanic planets. This dream pop project longing towards psychedelic music invites its listeners to dive into the cosmos.





Selenian is an indie/dreampop band from the north of France. The five piece combo mainly focuses on psychedelic soundscapes inspired by 60’s and 90’s psych, garage rock and shoegaze bands. The French combo is currently working on its debut EP and are looking for a label for a potential Fall release.




The Average by Six

The Average By Six is a project of Parisian musician Karim Mokhtari. After a decade of rock/noise experiments, Karim decided to deepen his work on accumulated sound materials from previous travels and song sketches. His meeting with Jerôme Poirier, acousmatic and improvisation explorer, had an impact on revealing wider possibilities of expression and musical boldness. This resulted in the issue of “Polaroids” in September 2012 (Three Legs Duck Netlabel). The 10 minutes album is a  montage of songs and instrumentals linked by radio frequencies. A mix of musical eras from the 60’s to the 90’s and field recordings, sampled and recomposed in a very home-made technique. Pictures, melancholia and time are expressed in a very brief moment, a succession of interludes making a conceptual whole (“Polaroids” appears in the  top 10 experimental 2012 of A Closer Listen webzine). Platform #2 is a new piece of music made for the Wavecore compilation.




The David

THE DAVID is a French band from Nimes, south of France, formed in 2011.

The band primarily consisted of David Droz (vocals, bass,guitar and keyboards), and David Merle (drums and percussion), rapidly evolved from their initial punk influences to develop a sound and style more post-punk, darkwave.

They are not a punk band, but they’r directly inspired by its black energy.

«CONTROLER», their first album will be released in 2013.




Tropical Horses

Fascinated by the noisy sound experiments and partisan of a lo-fi aesthetic, Tropical Horses delivers a garage music venturing into the experimental and electronic music territory as well as in a sweetened pop. Real cabinet of curiosities, his first EP “Stand On The Beach” is characterized by multicolored sounds where beach sample, African percussions, psychedelic keyboards and cathedral reverb collide in a possessed Californian surf-pop climate.