Evawyna, the digital division of Anywave is born

Devoted to digital releases of merging artists from anywhere, Evawyna’s first relaese is a 17’07” anthem by American artist Heather Celest Hansen.


Heather C Hansen is a Drummer, Singer and Music Producer from the US, born in 1985 in California and currently based on the East coast.


In her own words, Austere is a single track album about “an austere man who exists within a black room however neutral is mood remains in this dark world”.

Through her music, Heather C Hansen gives a rather pessimitic vision of the world we live in, in the grip of paranoia, fear, environmental pollution, psychological toxicity and religious propaganda.

Dark-technoïd fresco, Austere builds a bridge between post-industrial tones and North American minimal wave, deliberately lo-fi, borrowing so much from the codes of Detroit techno, serialism, dub, etc… from all these musics arisen from the second half of the 20th century, exploring the mental and material crisis of humanity by means of an uncluttered syntax, against the backdrop of latent violence and institutionalized fear.


Ideal soundtrack to Ray Kurzweil’s fans reveries, these stretched out 17 minutes, besides putting the basis of a radical musical approach, also announce the release of Modern Death, a double album to be out in 2015 on Anywave.


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