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Shelter is the tenth album by The Beautiful Schizophonic, the project of Portuguese musician Jorge Mantas (aka Druuna Jaguar). It is being released on Anywave seven years after L'Atelier des filles – which was a common title for protean works (artist's book, ethereal ambient album and video) created in turn by Julien Carreyn and The Beautiful Schizophonic, and connected together by Myriam Barchechat's design.

Whereas L'Atelier des filles was composed of multiple layers of prepared guitars, Shelter is a collection of purely synthetic ambient pieces that Jorge Mantas originally recorded between 2008 and 2011, which were forgotten and then finally rediscovered.

These twelve tracks stretch over nearly 80 minutes, drawing a mental setting for an arid narrative, in the vein of the works by Harold Budd, Brian Eno and of Labradford's earliest albums.

While Shelter is inspired by the composer's personal life, the edition of the album sees him renew his association with Julien Carreyn, who signed the cover photograph. The two artists will collaborate again in June 2023 on the occasion of the Nouveau Printemps, a contemporary art festival in Toulouse, where Julien Carreyn will exhibit his photographic and editorial work. At Carreyn's invitation, The Beautiful Schizophonic will perform alongside Post California for an evening of concerts and screenings of artists' films.