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Between Parallel Lights

: Vinyl, CD & digital
Ref: ANYVIN006 / MD057 /ANYCD012
Labels: Anywave  / Manic Depression Records
Credits: All songs written and produced by Schonwald.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Duna Studio
Artwork by Myriam Barchechat & Gregoire Belot


Press Reviews


“Sometimes it’s glamorous, sometimes just frightening, but always very original. Schonwald makes pop, but not the kind of pop you are used to. Fascinating and beautiful!”
Peek A Boo


“Melding eery synths, a pounding, reverberating rhythm section and layers of majestic guitar exaltation, they’ve created a wave of gothgaze both haunting and soothing.
Alessandra Gismondi’s vocals just dissipate into their dense fog of sound, a remarkable feat for a mere duo.  You’ll feel like you’re floating in the clouds one moment and then tied to a sinking anchor the next.  It’s an exhilarating ride, and a must listen for any fans of the genre.”


“Not only since the phenomenal success of their previous album ‘Dream of the Fall’, it is clear, that Schonwald are here to stay and have become one of most important players in the new dark scene!”


“Avec une certaine fraîcheur, Schonwald décrasse la new wave en y injectant une bonne dose de shoegaze. La recette marche sur chaque titre sans pour autant se répéter, et l'album se révèle au gré des écoutes, même si c'est presque le coup de foudre immédiat.”

“Frondeurs, explorateurs, Alessandra Gismondi et Luca Bandini raccourcissent les quelques mètres séparant Pornography de Neu ! Et, au passage, ridiculisent les jeunes pousses accros à Loveless. L’un des meilleurs albums 2015.”
À Découvrir Absolument


“En ces mois de revival Shoegaze, Schonwald écrase la concurrence.”
Sun Burns Out


“Écouter l’album d’une traite crée un effet d’hypnose, une sorte de dépression atmosphérique.”



Step On Magazine (English)

Versacrum (Italian)

Filter Mexico (Spanish)
Sentireascoltare (Italian)
Wavepress (Polish)
Flux (Italian & English)
Side-line (English)