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And Still the Lungs...

Since 2016 former Déficit Budgétaire member Christophe Gitton has been releasing music under the alias “Saurien” and playing gigs throughout France (with PanSTARRS, M!R!M, Heliogabale, VVVV, Satellite, Julien Lheuillier & Quentin Rollet, TVAM, etc.). 
After a self-released EP and a track featured on the last issue of Anywave’s compilations (Wavecore #6), the one-man post-punk band is now launching his first physical format on tape. 
With his strident guitar loops, thick walls of sound and repetitive beats, Saurien delivers through And Still the Lungs Won't Fill six original, short and minimalist tracks. Patiently recorded at home (in Les Lilas), they are streaked with urgency and cold anger, in the vein of Liars or 1980’s Sonic Youth, sometimes bordering on the Housewives' noise rock or some of Jessica 93’s ways, and even, for The Secret, taking a diversion into industrial ambient à la Lustmord.