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Post California

Soleil of Persian Square

Soleil of Persian Square is Post California’s response to an  invitation by Hannah Darabi to create a sound extension to her book project, inspired by pop music from Tehrangeles – scene of the Iranian diaspora in Los Angeles.

Taking hold of this raw sound material drawn from cassettes and video clips, Post California delivers a fantasized vision of Los Angeles (a mixture of intensity and emptiness that can be found in Richard Kelly’s "Southland Tales") crossed by sound elements of Iranian pop music sung in Persian.

The result is a music that is both recomposed and deteriorated, from which fragments of Tehrangelesi sound and codes of Western pop-song emerge, navigating the borders of ambient, collage and post punk.

Soleil of Persian Square is the first long format by Post California and, appart from a track on a Wavecore compilation, his first release on a physical medium.

Coproduced by GwinZegal and Anywave, the cassette comes with the limited edition of Hannah Darabi’s book.



7 tracks / 30:47
Cassette and digital
ANYK7006 – Anywave & GwinZegal
Street date: November 12. 2021



Music by Post California
Photographs by Hannah Darabi
Design by Myriam Barchechat