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Crystal Cage

4 EPs Boxset

Anywave is very glad to release Crystal Cage's 4 EPs boxset. Primarily meant to be released on the internet only, the four records were so worthy we couldn't help wanting to give them a shape for fans to touch.

To the a sci-fi dronesque darkwave haunted by ghostly voices of "II" and "III", "Romantiek Aan Het Einde Van De Wereld" adds a touch of eerie thanks to the vocals by Meg (from death of codes), while "Deimos/Daedalia" plunges into a doom-metal atmosphere with the hollow singing of Somniare, the founder of dark metal project AVASU.

Crystal Cage's limited edition boxset includes 2 cassettes gathering 4 EPs recorded between November 2018 and last summer. It was designed by Myriam Barchechat and Rogelio Egbert, based on Egbert's work on image computing. The cover is beautifully printed with a holographic silver hotfoil on black paper.

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A Side: II – Voor Altijd Nacht

1  Regen
2  Golven Vallen
3  Regenval
4  Vlucht
5  Voor Altijd Nacht 

B Side: III – Zielslicht

1 Aisha’s Soul In Decay
2 Venus Pyre*
3 Zielslicht
4 Phosphorus Betrayed *
5 Felt Like Fire/They All Fall + Iets Goeds*

C Side: Romantiek Aan Het Einde Van De Wereld
by Crystal Cade / death of codes

1 Romantiek Aan Het Einde Van De Wereld
2 Earth To End
3 Black Light River
4 Dawn Lake
5 Nightfall
+ Into The Dark

D Side: Deimos/Daedalia

1 Deimos**
2 Daedalia**
3 Eos**
4 N
5 M**

* Vocals by death of codes
** feat. Somniare of AVASU


Music by Crystal Cage, except Romantiek Aan Het Einde Van De Wereld by Crystal Cage & death of codes

Image Computation by Rogelio Egbert / Rhabdology
ANYK7004 – Anywave æ, 2019



Crystal Cage

Finland-based project started in 2017, Crystal Cage looks like an drone squadron, flying over landscapes, stealing them, piling them up and sprinkling them with bits of treated vocals, powerful arp basslines and layers of weird synthetic waves.
Before "II", Crystal Cage did one unreleased album, a test to go into more rock sound that didn't feel right at the time.
"II" came out fast, inspired by UK dark ambient project Yellow Swans (on 'Vlucht') and German TV series full of arpeggios, such as "Dark" and older 80s shows (on the other tracks). With every album/EP of the boxset, there has been a single that morphed the sound into the direction of the next release. For "II", it was "Da Capo", for "III", "Iets Goed", for "Deimos/Daedelia", it was 'Into the dark".
Collabs with Meg (death of codes) started via chooz, CC asking her if he could have vocals from her tracks to use and chop on his.
With Somniare – from doom/drone metal band AVASU –, the process was similar except they found each other on 4chan's /mu/ channel. CC had already done some tests with BM vocals taken from multi-tracks but with no success. Somniare's vocals were perfect, resulting in the album Crystal Cage wanted to do from the start.

death of codes
death of codes is the project of Meg Wilhoite. She writes primarily using her own custom synths, but for this collaboration she created samples of Crystal Cage’s synths and used them exclusively in the writing process. Meg was synthist and co-singer of the indie-rock band Faulkner Detectives, and is one half, with bassist Elizabeth Keenan, of the black metal duo Dead Dresses. Meg also plays the pipe organ, which she considers the primeval synthesizer.

Somniare is the founder of AVASU, a one man drone metal project from the USA. Blending heavy distorted guitars and various ambient elements, AVASU aims to guide the listener into a state of dark serenity via hypnotic and atmospheric droning.