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Border Menace

Inland Ocean

Inland Ocean is the follow up to Border Menace’s 2018 EP In Sepia [Chemical Imbalance]. Inland Ocean is an allusion to the futile pursuit of seeking the unattainable; the initial excitement and fervour, the dawning and realisation of impossibility, followed by the inevitable, almost euphoric surrender in defeat.

The music gives nods to the ambient synth work of early Krautrock pioneers and electronic noise musicians from the late 90s/’00s, [e.g. Mego records, Pan-sonic, Vladislav Delay] and includes vocal additions from Nicole Wojcik, a writer/linguist based in Berlin.



1 Grey Twilight
2 Bloodshot Onset
3 Outpost
4 Kiss the Water

5 Schrott
6 Infinite Hope
7 Inland Ocean
8 White Morning


8 tracks / 36:02
Cassette and digital
ANYK7005 – Anywave
Street date: May 4th, 2021



Music and concept by Alex J. Lee
Vocals and text by Nicole Wojcik
The track Inland Ocean includes adapted passages from Charles Sturt’s Narrative of an Expedition into Central Australia (1847)
Photograph by Damien Lafargue
Design by Myriam Barchechat

Bloodshot Onset video by Nathan Gray



Border Menace is the solo project of Australian experimental musician Alex Lee (Repairs, Heavy Birthday, La Ferme, Wikolee, Subterranean Rain), currently based in Berlin. Border Menace uses a range of electronic instruments, recordings, samples and noise to express themes such as melancholy, nostalgia and despair, coupled with moments of chaos and derangement – a soundtrack to late nights and early mornings.