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Argon Cowboy (USA)

“80 – 20”

Argon Cowboy is the solo endeavor of electronic music composer Matthew May, A.K.A Talon Foul Omen of the Portland, Oregon based band Scorpion Warrior. May currently resides in a secluded forest in rural East Texas with his wife Valerie and daughter Dune.




Deep Rest. (NL)



Deutsches Kulturgut (D)

“Dirty Django” (from “Traumreise”, 2013)

“Deutsches Kulturgut” is a project of Kopfschmerztablette.
A counterpart of the noise. established in 1989. Since the moods fluctuate and not much goes into this musical direction, the 2 project was founded.
So it’s a “different” side of me. All tracks are recorded live, with all faults, and background noise..
But I personally find it very interesting


Factice Factory (FR -CH)

“Kaugummi” (from “The White Days”, courtesy of  Holy Hour et Manic Depression, 2014)


Fauxmusica ft Kindest Cuts (USA – CAN)

“Black Celebration” (from “Illumination”, courtesy of escc9)


Ferdinand Carcläsh (COL)

“Donde No Hay Después”


Grey Economie (USA)

“Trade Wind”

Remediated materials.




Harshlove (FR)

“Gary Miller”

Mort Pour La Transe, titre du troisième EP de Harshlove résume à lui seul la déliquescente brutalité du projet de Raph Sabbath. Cuir, muscles, transpiration, cris étouffés de jeunes hommes baillonnés : Harshlove roule pour les backrooms et les bunkers, entre noise narcotique et EBM satanique. Idéal pour les dancefloor hystéro-hypnotique et le binge drinking!


Kiew Aspririn N (D)

“Warm Summer Rain”

La Reale Illusione (ITA)



Leave The Planet (UK)

“Unreleased Life” (from “Unreleased Life”, 2014)

​Leave The Planet are based in East London and are formed by Nathalie and Jack. The project was born when Nathalie moved into the same flat as Jack and both discovered their mutual love for bands like Slowdive, Felt and early Sarah records releases such as Field Mice, The Orchids. Our sound is compiled of vintage synths, drum machine and guitars. The name itself comes from the song ‘Leave The Planet’ by one of favourite bands Galaxie 500.


Mad Masks (FR)

“Selenite I”


Minuit Machine (FR)


Minuit Machine was born in Hélène’s mind in June 2013 during a tour with Phosphor, her former band. In September, she met Amandine and fell in love with her voice. Together, they released their first EP called Blue Moon in October 2013. The sound of the french duo, based on powerful electronic drums and dark synth lines, is heavily influenced by different artists like Depeche Mode, The Human League, Eleven Pond, Turquoise Days, New Order, The Frozen Autumn, Linea Aspera… and many others.The band is actually working on their debut album that will be released on spring 2014.


Nothing. Existed (UK)

“Cold Fire”


Promise (FR)



Satellite ft Mickaël Valli (FR)

“Dead Dream”



Selofan (GR)

“Plastic People”

Selofan is the greek term for Cellophane, a thin, transparent sheet, protecting items, keeping them fresh and allowing them to ‘’breathe’’ while in storage. The music of the duo from Athens (Greece) is transparent, fresh and takes your breath away. It is strictly analogue, though alongside the synthesizers, drum-machines and loops a bass line, a dreamy piano and saxophone melody may surprise you. The female voice narrates about love and the loss of it, about death and the fear of it, about sexuality and the repression of it, about addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species. The power and tenderness of the male vocals penetrate your senses directly. In the last three years they contributed in many compilations, they released two tapes, a 7inch and their debut LP “Verboten”. All their releases were almost immediately sold out.


Short Hour (USA)

“G to D to G”


Vitamin Wig C (USA)

“Why A Kee Go” (from “Dawn Adults”, 2007)

‘Vitamin Wig C’ is the cap term for composer Robbie Hansen. Born in 1984, Mission Viejo, CA; Robbie began studying music after having ear surgery in 1989. In 1995, Robbie started recording oddball skits, playing them over the respective trucker dispatcher systems all over USA’s great terrain, to playing the skits from speakers positioned in unexpected areas, like grocery store parking lots to dog parks in Laguna Niguel, Ca. In 2004, Robbie and close friend / collaborator Aaron Spafford met and formed Vitamin Wig C. All around Los Angeles concerts of the weirdest nature ensued. Vitamin Wig C has aired on BBC radio, KXLU radio, Kchung radio and continues to push for existing exclusively to the world of radio.