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H ø r d

Hørd is a darkwave project founded in 2013 by musician and video-artist Sebastien Carl in Bordeaux.
His music is a deeply melancholic and epic synthwave, oscillating between efficiency and pondering, influenced by fantastic movies and film noir.
After a first EP and many tracks released on Romance Moderne, Giallo Disco, Anywave, The Scrap Mag, as well as a remix for Winter Severity Index, Hørd’s second EP will be out in October 2015: a 7” single with two devastating sides (“Speak”, an ideal hit single with ice-cold reflections, and “Let Them Burn”, a technoid anthem for a deadlock party), along with 4 digital remixes by Hante., Volcan, A V G V S T and Black Bug.



EPs :

EP#1, Romance Moderne, 2013 (2 tracks: RFLX , Deliverance)

Hørd EP, K7 ed. limitées pour le Festival Visions, Les Disques Anonymes, 2014 (4 tracks : RFLXHeart part IColoursDeliverance)

EP #2, Stellar Kinematics / Anywave / Ol’ Dirty Dancin’, 2015

Compilations :

Heat part I, sur TSM 0004, The Scrap Mag, 2013

I was lonely she was more than that, sur Iceberg TV Show / Season 2, 2014
Deliverance et RFLX, sur Romance Moderne II, 2014
Colours, sur Bordeaux Electronique Mag, Vol. 8., 2015

Heart part III, sur Wavecore 4, Anywave, 2015
Deliverance, sur Wild in blue, Giallo Disco, 2015

Remix :

A sudden cold (Winter Severity Index), 2015