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Transmission - Barcelona

Domestica Records - DOM04S

12" vinyl compilation


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Transmission - Barcelona 'Second Anniversary', compilated and produced by Dj Sandman and Domestica Records. After the great success of volume one, edited on CD due to Transimission's first anniversary, we decided that volume two should be presented in the format we love the most: vinyl.

Transmission is a monthly party dedicated to all the international New New Wave, Post Punk, Cold Wave, Dark Wave scene, celebrated at Antiobiotic Bar in Barcelona since December 2011. Sessions are accurately selected by Dj Sandman, where emerging and unknown bands are really important and also forgotten gems from the underrated 80s scene.

Dj Sandman started his career as dj in the middle 80s, he has performed in the most emblematic clubs in Barcelona and Madrid, and he has also taken part in some important parties happening in Germany, like in the Nachtwerk club (Karlsruhe) or the 17th edition of the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (Leipzig).


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A1. Seacrypt - Glass Eye 04:10
A2. Madmoizel - Come 05:29
A3. Phosphor - Linear Attraction 03:58
A4. Des Âmes Libres - Today Not Tomorrow 05:00
A5. Schonwald - Treasure 03:43

B1. In Death It Ends - Futureblack 04:08
B2. Női Kabát - Kitchen Person 04:58
B3. Más Allá - ElectroAreas 04:48
B4. In A Lonely Place - Run 02:39
B5. Xiu - Dancing With You 05:28