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The Phone

Songs for the Nuclear Age


Features: limited edition of 500 copies, 160 grams black vinyl, full colour glossy laminated outer sleeve designed by Steve Lippert, lyric sheet, mastered by Dave Hewson.
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THE PHONE release their debut long player 'Songs For This Nuclear Age' on the Attractive Co (Attractive Coordinates, whichever ya prefer!) label. It is almost four years since the debut single 'Discreet Affair', which was the first release on Attractive (atco1). Since then THE PHONE have appeared on the 'Attractive Too' 7" compilation ep (atco2) and subsequent 7" 'Cabaret Noir' (atco3) which featured Sharon Abbott from Poeme Electronique on backing vocals. So yeah the LP has been a long time coming! THE PHONE’s mainman is Jonni Mogul. As Mogul he released various lo-fi synth pop records between '98-'06 (see on some pretty cool UK indie labels - Leicester's 'Sorted' label (run from a pub in the town centre), Fortuna Pop! and the Spanish indie label Elefant. Jonni sold the Mogul name in 2006 and started recording as Jonni Mogul, but nothing was released. Attractive talked him into doing what he does best so he formed a band called THE PHONE, specifically with the 'AttractiveCo' sound in mind, which is all about synth stuff, especially modern bands who sound like they are living in 1981 - hence the 'cold war' theme of the PHONE lp. So imagine it being 1981, and the very young Depeche Mode team up with Soft Cell to record this album, while John Foxx, The Human League and Vice Versa stop by and throw in bits from all their analogue synthesisers and rhythm boxes, Casio toy instruments, vocoders and EFX units.
File under: analogue, DIY, minimal synth, purely synthetic.