Anywave’s first collective issue.


Gathering 18 artists and bands from 7 countries, involved into ambient, bedroom music, shoegazing, post-punk and all genres of dark-oriented music, W A V E C O R E  is a panorama of what’s happening near and far from us. Discover all the artists here.

Overwhelming everything, like a contaminated wave, up to the core

Featuring :

Tropical Horses /// Gást /// Luminance /// Erwin Flynn /// The DAVID /// Echö* /// Montebourg /// PanSTARRS /// The Average by Six /// Hili Enda /// schonwald /// People of Nothing /// Brune /// Seahorse Hunter /// Lifeless Past /// AVGVST** /// Selenian /// Mynationshit***


Many many thanx to all these brilliant artists.

A limited edition of 100 copies digipack Cd-r – silk screen printed – will be available on May, 25 on Bandcamp, Anywave’s website and at our stand at Village Label / Villette Sonique.


Also available in the following stores:

Balades Sonores, Paris 09

Born Bad, Paris 11

Souffle Continu, Paris 11

* courtesy of Romance Moderne
** courtesy of Le Turc Mécanique
*** courtesy of GH Records

More details very soon

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