Official release of People Of Nothing’s self-titled album on Monday, May 26.

We are very happy to announce the release of People Of Nothing’s first album, set to Monday, May 26, on Anywave and Manic Depression Records.

The album (12” LP, CD and digital) will be available on Bandcamp and our mail-orders:

Anywave mail-order

Manic Depression mail-order





A1 – Hold

A2 – Haircut The Grass

A3 – My Stain

A4 – A Break To Cry

B1 – Hoax Nöse

B2 – Unforgettable

B3 – Love Action

B4 – Hour Days


Bonus tracks (CD and digital only):

Haircut The Grass (Unclean, Unshaven remix by A V G V S T)

My Stain (Montebourg remix)



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