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Tropical Horses

Fascinated by the noisy sound experiments and partisan of a lo-fi aesthetic, Tropical Horses delivers a garage music venturing into the experimental and electronic music territory as well as in a sweetened pop. Real cabinet of curiosities, his first EP “Stand On The Beach” is characterized by multicolored sounds where beach sample, African percussions, psychedelic keyboards and cathedral reverb collide in a possessed Californian surf-pop climate.

Tropical Horses has since ventured into pop-oriented territory as much as harsher punk sound through collaborations with bands such as Princesse or Albinos Congo.
New album Mirador sees Tropical Horses combining early EPs noisy psychedelia with a darker industrial sound, thus adding yet more substance to their particular blend of weird electronics, latin percussions and shoegaze guitars.



Stand On The Beach (EP, 2012, Self Release)

We Don’t Stand On The Beach (EP, 2013, Self Release)
— Tropical Horses VS Albinos Congo, Double K.O (7’’, 2014, Incredible Kids Records)
— Tropical Horses VS Princesse, Rosalie / Is This Love? (Single, Digital, 2014, Self Release)
Through Your Love I See Impenetrable Sadness (Single, Digital, 2015, Anywave / Montagne Sacrée)
— Mirador (LP, 2016, Anywave / Montagne Sacrée)