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Heather Celeste Hansen

Heather C. Hansen is a drummer, singer and music producer from the US, born in Los Angeles on May 28th 1985.

She started playing the Piano at age 3, started dancing at 4. She had started drumming around 13 and has been ever since.

Heather currently is using drum sequencers and Analogue Synths/VST in replacement of the drum set however she still records some samples from time to time using her drums, toms and symbols. She is also involved in graphic design, cinematography and music production. She enjoys art of every kind as her main inspiration in today’s world. She says “Film and Music provide for the viewer the experience of passion and inspiration as I do when creating something from nothing. In this harsh reality music is my only escape and so is the visual suspense of moving images. Singing is how I express the emotions I undergo. I feel I need to entertain and share my work with others so that they may enjoy this one life we all have a chance to enjoy not deal with.”

Through her music, Heather C Hansen gives a rather pessimitic vision of the world we live in, in the grip of paranoia, fear, environmental pollution, psychological toxicity and religious propaganda.

“Modernity can go in the direction of empathy art and higher awareness done so by sound  or it can go down the road of comfort, technology and fear of what we reside in. Because learning the unknown is not Death. Where we go when we die I just wish I had a camera to press record inside my soul to see what it is and embrace Death and make a life within Death (…) I think sound can actually rewire our brains to think more critically, creatively and emotionally to balance out technology, cognitive neuroscience and the Soul.”


Along The Axes (Evawyna æ, 2015) Digital - 17 tracks

Austere (Evawyna æ, 2014)Digital - 1 track

Bandpass (2014) Digital - 12 tracks

Resonant Systems (2014) Digital - 9 tracks