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A V G V S T is an independent postwave band based in Paris. After two digital releases in the 00s, instrumental post-rock oriented, A V G V S T gets back to his primary influences: post-punk and shoegazing, with obsidious cloudy waves, guitars full of chorus and flanger, and ghostly treated voices singing odes to Socialism saints, cowardice and the pain of still being 18 and alone.

Their 2012 album, Onlooker, and their last digital EPs (Heat of the Moment on Le Turc Mécanique, in the Cheap Recording series, and Shareware on Anywave) mixes dream-pop, arp synths and dancey beats, designing a manner of stadium music in 10m² – the size of A V G V S T’s studio.





Onlooker Review – Scholomance Webzine, 2015 (FR)

Onlooker Review – Mescaline Injection, 2015 (DE)

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Cheap Recording #5 – Hartzine (Fra), 2013

Cheap Recording #5 – Peek A Boo Magazine (Bel), 2013

Cheap Recording #5 – Ground Countrol to Major Tom (Fra), 2013

“The New French Underground : an introduction to the new French dark shoegaze scene” – Sounds Better with Reverb (Aus / USA), 2013

Cheap Recording #5 – Discordance (Fra), 2013

Shareware Review – À Découvrir Absolument (Fra), 2013





Digital album 6 titres 2001 (ref. ANYDIG001)

A Sorry Plain e.p.

3 tracks digital EP 2004 (ref. ANYDIG002)


6 tracks CD album 2012 (ref. ANYCD003)

6 tracks digital album  2012 (ref. ANYDIG003)

Cheaps Recording #5 - Heat of the Moment ep (Le Turc Mécanique)

Digital 2 tracks EP 2013, free DL here.




Collabs, covers and remixes

Johnny Boy - Suicide (from "Modern Idol", 2010, Anywave)

A V G V S T - Edward Levy (from The Scrap Mag vol.2, 2012, TSM)

A V G V S T - Come Around (from "ADA HS 8, a tribute to Sugar's "Beaster", 2012, ADA)

A V G V S T  - FFwd (from The Scrap Mag vol.4, 2013, TSM)

The DAVID - And After She Died remix (from Wavecore 1, 2013, Anywave)

People of Nothing - Haircut the Grass remix (from "A Break to Cry", 2013, Anywave)

Zanye East - Raped by Dolphins remix (from "Teleport Station", 2014, escc9)

future - In Your Eyes GS-01 remix (from "Stay Behind", 2014, Anywave)

fauxmusica - Dream Cycle (featuring, 2014, escc9)

Spleenboy - Street Fighting remix (Midnight Trouble, 2014)

Factice Factory - Kaugummi (Wool E Tapes, 2014)

Nothing. Existed. - Detached (InClub Records, 2014)

Schonwald - Crystallized (Evawyna, 2014)

A V G V S T - The Other Sea (The Scrap Mag, 4th anniversary compilation, 2015)