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Gast is an electronic musician from Cairo, Egypt involved into ambient and IDM.

His songs are meant to be listened to on headphones, with a few exceptions.


“I almost never sit down and plan to write a specific genre or certain type of song; I usually build my own synthesizers digitally and go from there, trying my hardest to stay away from presets,try to stay away from any music that i have been listened before and relying on my incomplete understanding of music theory to piece together melodies.   always with my own dark or sad twist, most always in a minor scale trying to focus on harmony and sound design or unusual song structures. Most of my music seems to have a cold winter feel to it, and my song naming is usually based around the mental picture I imagine when listening to it. I’ll try to find the right image to match the song from my own photography folder, but oftentimes I can’t and use a painting I liked instead.”




Digital album, 2013


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